Ranflex Metals - Manufacturer and Exporter of Inconel Pipe, Pipe Fiitings & Flanges
15 Years of experience in special metals & high nickel alloys

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ranflex-metals-office-indiaRanflex Metals is a 15 years old company to cater the growing demands of stainless steel and nickel alloy raw materials globally. As leading stockiest in INDIA with over 800 ton stock in nickel alloy products.

We have ready stock of Nickel Alloys in form of pipe, fittings, flanges & fasteners. We are first choice of our clients in more than 90 countries as a supplier of Nickel Alloys.

We Directly import the raw material from leading manufacturers in Europe, USA & Japan Like Sumitomo Metals, Nippon Steel Corporation, Sanyo Special Steel, Kobe Special Tube, Special Metals, Bristol Metals etc.


Why Choose Ranflex Metals?

    Inconel Manufacturer15 Years of experience in special metals & high nickel alloys
    Inconel Manufacturer Largest inventory of high nickel products in India
    Inconel Manufacturer Product Sourcing & Packaging
    Inconel Manufacturer Quality Assurance & Testing & Inspection
    Inconel ManufacturerIntegrated Design & Production
    Inconel ManufacturerQuick Delivery
    Inconel Manufacturer20000 Sq. Ft. Stockyard in Business Hub of India
    Inconel ManufacturerAll stainless steel & high nickel pipes can be cut to your exact requirements
    Inconel ManufacturerISO 9001:2008 Certified
    Inconel ManufacturerSupplied Nickel Alloys products to more than 90 countries
    Inconel ManufacturerApproved Supplier in many Govt & Public Sector companies in India & Gulf Countries
    Inconel ManufacturerProduct sourcing from Leading manufacturers in Europe, USA & Japan
    Inconel ManufacturerThird Party Inspection
    Inconel ManufacturerHundreds of Client's Testimonials

ISO certified
Huge Inventory of Pipe Tube

Instrumentation fitting manufacturer

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